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Monday, June 11, 2012

When I grow up....

E. said, "What will I look when I grow up?" Mom said, "I think you are going to look like your first mom." E. said, "Can I see the picture of her again?" Mom said, "Of course, honey." E. said, "She's beautiful." Mom said, "yes, she is." S. said, "do you have a picture of my first mom?" Mom said, "no honey, I don't. Sorry. Do you remember what she looked like?" S. said, "yes." Mom said, "Maybe you could draw a picture sometime. Do you look like your first mom?" S. said, "yes." Mom said, "then look in the mirror honey." We all laugh. S. said, "Emily let me see your mom again." E. said, "okay, look," and she held up a picture of me. We all laugh again. E. said, "can we go to Guatemala one day, and look for my first mom." Mom said, "sure, what will you say to her?" E. said, "Hola." ;) Precious moments with my girls. Thank you to the two beautiful women, who gave me my two beautiful daughters. I will love you forever, and hold you in my heart, and see you in their faces.