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Monday, July 9, 2012

What if ? ... or ... My long lost sister / friend...

What if, your sister, (or your best friend), was, for whatever reason, no longer able to take care of her child? Heaven forbid, but say she died, or no longer had the money, the will, the power, or whatever raising a child takes. Would you take your niece or nephew in? Would you love your niece like there was no difference between her and any other child in your house? Would you tell her how wonderful her first mother was (or is) ? How her first mother loved her more than anything in the world ? How her first mother wishes she could be here caring for her ? Would you tell her it's okay to love her first Mommy, and you ? And that you love her first Mommy too ? What if you had a sister you never knew about, across an ocean, and she could no longer care for her child ? And, say, she found you, and sought you out, because she wanted to leave her beloved with you ? Older child adoption is complicated, and it's simple. It's complicated because the child has a history that you do not know, and you are afraid you may never understand. It's simple, because somewhere there is a child that needs you, and a first mother who is praying for you to come along. So, yes, it's complicated. And yes, it's simple. It's simply love. (This sounded a lot better in my head. :) But as I was thinking about all of the emotions, and bumps, and ups, and downs, of older child adoption the other night, I was thinking, of this scenario. And, I was thinking, of course, of course, I would love my sister's child as my own. And, then I was thinking of Sonjena's first mom as my sister, and saying to the universe, and God, "of course, of course, I love her as my own," because she is my own. It's that simple. And, as I stated above it's also complicated. But any journey worth taking is.)

1 comment:

  1. Sounds simply complicated! What a beautiful woman you are; what a beautiful family you have!

    ~soul sista!