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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring Break - Stay-cation....

We are having a stay-cation for spring break.  :)  We are doing everything in town for kids that we can.  So far we've gone to a movie, tennis lessons, to see the Easter bunny, out to eat, and more.  We are having a blast.  :)  I love extra time with my girls.  We are so blessed.

I'm also catching up on my oscar movies.  I did watch Zero Dark Thirty, even though I do not think those secrets should have come out.  I think that stuff should always always always be top secret to protect Americans, and also, so we can use those top secret tactics again, if we need to.  Also, why give the world more reasons to hate us with movies, and braggings about what we have done.  Everyone at the high up levels that have clearance to know these things, should always say, "I can't comfirm, nor deny such and such."  They should not be interviewed about these matters on news shows.  Give me a break, you know?  Geesh.  Everyone would have known it was American anyway, whether we bragged about it or not,  but by braggin we put ourselves in more danger, I think.  That's just my feeling.

Having said that, Holywood made one hell of a movie out of it.  Great movie.  Also, humans are amazing.  What that woman accomplished, and all the people that helped her, amazing.  And, the Navy Seals, wow, absolutely amazing, amazing, amazing. 

I've been trying to watch Lincoln too, ha, ha, ha, but I've fallen asleep twice.  LOL.  OMG.  When I finally watch it, I'll post about it. 

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