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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Summer...

             Hi Blogger Friends.  Sorry it's been awhile.  Life is busy.  I think many blogs are falling by the way side.  I think people get really into their blogs while they are in process, and when they first get home.  Then, we are all too busy with "life," I guess. 
             S. is always talking.  She talks a lot.  And, she likes to talk about when she was "little".  This is how she refers to 16 months ago when she first came home.  :)  It's very cute.  And, since she has grown 6 and 1/2 inches since then, it's not completely inaccurate.  :)
            S. also likes to talk about her former life in vivid detail.  She also wonders often about why she couldn't come home as a baby like her sister E did.  :)  I wish she could have too, of course. 
            Today she started off, "Mom, I wish I was a baby.  If I was a baby, would you carry me around all the time?"
           Me, "yes."
           S. "Why didn't I come home as a baby?"
           Me. "Because you were with your first mom, remember?"
           S. "I don't remember having food at all with my first family.  When I first got to the orphanage, I had food, and I threw up every time I ate."
           Me. "Your belly wasn't used to food."
           S. "I wanted to come home sooner."
           Me. "I wish you could have come home sooner too."
           S. "My first mom died."
           Me. "I'm so sorry she died. But now she can watch you from Heaven. And you have two moms, me, and your first mom."
           E decided to join in the conversation.
           E. "Our cousin's friend was asking us tons of weird questions about adoption."
           Me. "Well, people that don't have adoption in their family are curious about it.  There are all different kinds of ways to make a family.  That's one of the things that makes life interesting."
           E.  "She asked if we were "real" sisters."
           Me. "What did you say?"
           E. "Yes."
           Me. "That's right, you are "real" sisters."
           E.  "She asked if you were our "real" mom."
           Me. "What did you say?"
           E. "We said yes."
          Me. "That's right.  I am your "real" mom.  You have two "real" moms.  Your first mom was your real mom.  And, I'm also your real mom.  You are just extra lucky that way.  And, I'm extra lucky to get to be your mom."  :)
          E.  "I know.  Then she was like, do you call her mom?"
          Me.  "And you told her you do, right?"
         E. "yes, why do people ask such weird questions?"
         Me.  "They are just curious."
         E. "Oh."
I'm glad they both feel like they can bring these things up, and talk about them.  The conversation went on for a bit, but you get the idea. 

They both seemed happy and fine when it was over.  We just have to keep talking with these little angels in our care.  :)  Thank you God. :)

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