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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Hug...

I hug my kids a lot.  I also tell them that I love them a lot.  I try to kiss their little cheeks a lot too, but that doesn't go over so well anymore.  :)

The other night I was going to tuck my baby S in, and do our regular night night routine.  Well, she sat right up in bed, and hugged me around the neck tight, and held on like she meant it.  It was the best hug she had given me in a long time, (maybe since one other time in India, in our hotel room).  :)

Usually, she will lean into the hug.  And then I say, "hug your Momma.  Squeeze your Momma.  Your Momma needs a squeeze."  :)  LOL.  She laughes, and, she gives me a squeeze, of course.  But, hardly ever does she just do it on her own.  So it was a magical moment for this Momma.  :)  I love my sweet girls so very much.  :) 

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