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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bathroom breaks! Everyone needs them....

Anyone who is a teacher will understand, some days, we just don't get bathroom breaks.  I might be just leaving my room, in between classes, to go to the bathroom, and a student walks in and asks for something.  Then the phone rings, or another adult comes in and asks for something.  And, so it goes in between every class.  ...  It is particularly difficult during standardized testing days.  Everything is super top secret, and secured.  The state doesn't want any secrets of the test getting out.  So, teachers are left proctoring tests for hours one end, sometimes as many as 3 hours in a row with no break.  It is very difficult.  I, personally, nearly peed my pants today after 3 hours of secured standardized testing.  I ran to the bathroom when the 3 hour period was up, and I am sure that had someone been in the bathroom, I would have peed my pants.  I'm just saying.  Everyone needs bathroom breaks.  Even teachers, and moms need bathroom breaks.  :)  I hope I don't pee my pants tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  ;)

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