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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Good days, and bad days....

S. is doing well. I think as well as she can do. But she has good days, and bad days. Some days she acts like she has always been with us, and like she just blends perfectly. Then other days, she really lets me know that she just got here almost 2 months ago, and it's not that easy. Today, she was drinking water in the back seat, and spitting it out as she was drinking it. I have no idea why. She did the same with her dinner, at home. She kept taking bites, and spitting them out. Then at one point, she kicked her sister in the face. So, not a great day today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. I can't wait until she is more fluent in English, so I know she understands what I am saying to her. She's very stubborn, and she shuts down when she gets in any sort of trouble.

Last week, spring break, she did really well. Of course, we were doing one fun thing after another, so if I could just keep that up, no worries. :) LOL. :)

I'll include a couple of pictures from spring break, because I know pictures are my favorite part of blogs. :) Take care everyone. :)

S. just jumped right in the pool at the hotel. Good thing I had put a life jacket on her. She was still scared after she did it, she cried a little. But, not long after that, she was just having fun.

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