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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Growing Pains With Older Adoption / or / The Moment That Wasn't...

S. was crying, and crying, and whining, and whining for a watch.
I went on Google Translate to tell her about being thankful and grateful for what we already have. I talked about being happy, and thankful to God for everything. I talked about having patients, and getting stuff in the future if you are good. I talked about birthdays, and Christmases, and taking care of your toys. S. shutt down, and started ignoring me. I put her in time out. When she got out of time out, she still wouldn't talk to me, and was still ignoring me. I put her in time out again. When she got out, I talked to her again about all that she has, and about being thankful. I hugged her, and told her I love her (I had been throughout the process as well). Then she started crying. I thought we were having a break through, that she was sad, and sorry for how she acted. I was hugging her, and kissing her. She sat up, and through a tear stained face she pointed to her wrist. LOL. Okay, "nap time." LOL.

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  1. Oh my goodness, are you documenting our life right now or yours? We have so many similarities. You make strides, and then digress. You think this child finally gets it, then that is not really the case. They are just kids, kids that get obsessed about possessions, and forget almost immediately where they came from. Kids that are so brave and bold you think they will change the world. Kids that are also so annoying sometimes you think you might drive off a cliff. Hang in there, we are all together on this. You are doing great.