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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Church Day...

I love my church, and not for the reasons some might think. I like it for the people that I see while I am there. They are all warm inviting sweet people who I am glad to know. It is very evident that they care about each other, and the world, and it makes me proud to be with them on Sundays. :) // After Church today the girls wanted to look at Toys. LOL. So, we went to a store, and just looked on the toy isles. We bought nothing. It's never too early to get ideas for Santa, I guess. :) // Then we went for a walk outside. A little chilly, but still a great day for a walk. // Then the girls played outside with their cousin. They played football, soccer, and tennis. Sooo cute. // My nephew is potty training right now, and giving his mom a run for her money. That's for sure. // Tonight we did homework, and read together. We read Mo Willems, Elephant, and Piggie book, Let's go for a drive, and the Fancy Nancy, the show must go on. Adorable books. My fourth grader had quite a load of homework. I sort of felt like I was back in school for a minute. // Now, I have to straighten up. Finish the laundry. Put out clothes, and snacks for tomorrow, and if I have any energy at all left over, I need to correct for my students. :) (I could also do dishes, balance my check book, clean some more things. But let's not get carried away. Right?) Have a great week everyone. :)

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