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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Solutions...

Two steps forward, three steps back. S. has had a little backwards movement as of late. A couple of bathroom accidents. Pee on the floor, toilet paper in the garbage instead of the toilet. Things like that. / I'm still looking into counseling. It's hard to decide who to have counsel your little one. That's for sure. / It's hard to know what to do. But I love her so, and I will continue to pray. / On another note, making ends meet has become increasingly difficult. With the price of health insurance these days, well any insurance really, who gets a raise anymore? Not many. Most people get pay decreases these days because of insurance prices. That coupled with 3 adoption loans, and raising 2 girls, as a teacher, well, you've got financial issues to say the least. I have become an Avon lady to try and dig myself out. I'm not a good sales person at all, but I think Avon sells itself. :) Thank you so much for visiting my blog. :)

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