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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Public education is one of the hallmarks of a free society.  Without public education, we are not truly free.  The things that are going on in this country against education right now are ludicrous. 

It's teacher appreciation week.  I had teachers that made huge differences in my life.  It's one of the reasons I wanted to become a teacher.  I remember band, and art, sewing, and government, typing, and English, econ, and business math, algebra, and French.  I remember drama club, and dance team, and prom.  It was amazing.  Not only the subject matter, but the life lessons my teachers passed along were priceless.  I can't begin to pay my debt with two words, but I will try anyway.  Thank you.

If a teacher made a difference in your life, let them know.  We are a dying breed.

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