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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I think bonding is almost the same as bonding with a baby, no matter how old your child is. Co-sleeping is a really great way to bond, if you can handle little feet in your face, and an occasional elbow to the stomach. I can't, unfortunately, co-sleeping drives me crazy. However, I love rocking my girls. I read to them, and rock them every night. It is definitely time well spent. When a baby comes home from the hospital, the mother nurses, and rocks the baby, only the mother. So, when your child first comes home, it is the parents that should meet all their needs. If they want something to eat or drink, it is one of the parents who should full fill that need. The same with boo boos, or fears, the parent should sooth those worries. And cuddle time, is so important. Whether it's on the couch while watching t.v., or in a big over stuffed chair while reading, or co-sleeping. Cuddle time is so important to bonding. When it's a new baby, it's just natural to hold them, and stare at them, and admire their perfect cuteness, well, the same should be true for your newly adopted child. You need it, as much as they do. Also, it's not going to hurt them, to let them regress a little. If they need their bottle, or their diapers longer than expected, don't freak out, they've been through a lot. I'm sure they won't go to kindergarten with a bottle, and diapers. Just let them have the comfort of being a baby a little longer if they need it. It won't hurt them, and it will probably help them, and you. I guess that's all I've got for now. ;) Take care. :)

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  1. So true...thanks for the great reminder! L has been home a little over a year and I have to remind myself...take time to lock eyes and really connect as much as possible...true for my older two too! :)