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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Packing For Travel...

When traveling to pick up your child, talk to people with children the same age as your child you are picking up. Ask them what they would bring for their child of that same age on a trip around the world. :) * you will need age appropriate toys. * clothes. * child friendly, age appropriate snacks. * blankies. * shoes. * diapers. * pull ups. * wipes. * crayons. * color books. * fruit leather. * granola. * lice treatment. * bottles. * sippy cups. * baby food. * paperwork. * stroller. * baby carry front pack. * back packs for carry ons,so your hands are free to take care of your child. * baggies for snacks, and possibly dirty diapers, if needed. * Infant / child thermometer. * Infant / child tylenol. * Infant / child cough syrup. * diaper rash ointment. * powder. * sunscreen. * deep woods off, keep away misquitoes. * pictures of close family, and friends to show your child. * hair bows, and jewelry for little girls. * brushes, combs. * nail clippers. * tie a colorful ribbon to the handle of your luggage, so you can spot it. * stuffed animals. * mini computer or tablet, makes communication easy. * cameras, video camera, regular camera. * take tons of pictures, you probably won't be back for a long time. * buy stuff from your child's country to put around your house. Enjoy your trip. It's a magical time. Any questions. Just ask.

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