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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Standardized Tests

I don't like standardized tests. I don't think many people do. I really don't think they tell us much. Although, instead of moving away from them, the state, and federal government keep adding more, and more testing. They are making a self fullfilled prophecy that public schools aren't good. We have to give so many standardized tests, when are we supposed to teach. Also, tests mostly tell us whether a person is a good test taker or not, and not much else. The kids know that they are using standardized tests to evaluate teachers. A kid said to me last week, "If I do bad on this test, it just means you are a bad teacher right?" I said, "no, it can mean a lot of things. It can mean you didn't do your best, and a lot of other stuff." Then the kid just sat there, and no amount of prompting could get him to do anything. Later in the day, same kid, in study hall, I gave him his make up work, that he had zeros for, and he said to me, "are you kidding me right now?" Kids these days. :)

S. says to me, "mom, E. keeps rupting me." :) :) :)

Another thing she says, "mom please fisk it." instead of fix it.

I discovered today that the show Jessy on the Disney channel had a show about "Gotcha Days." I thought it was pretty cute. They could do even more on adoption, I think. But very cute. One of the boys was adopting from India as an older child. It just shows another way of becoming a family. It is a nice reflection of our family. I think it makes my girls feel normal. There should be shows about every kind of family on t.v. these days. There certainly are enough channels. :) It's so good for kids to see a reflection of their family. It's normalizing. It's validating. :)

I think churches focus too much on money these days. I love going to church with my girls, and meditating, and praying, and feeling closer to God. I love seeing all my church friends, going to communion, sitting quietly. All of that. I do not like being asked for money non stop. I think people give what they can. I think it makes poor people feel bad, or left out, or less than, that churches ask for money all the time.

I love the show Long Island Medium. I love Teresa. She is such a great character. She's so vivacious, and hilarious. I think, sometimes, I could be a medium. I'm not sure. I'm not sure entirely what I want to be when I grow up. A writer, a photographer, a counselor, .... So many things, so little time, when you are already a mom, and a teacher.

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