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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Carpet Children...

All the children in the orphanage sit or squat on this large oriental rug all day. They barely did anything except sit there all day together. Then they would eat, and go back to sitting on the carpet all day. They didn't have any toys, just their own minds to amuse them. Then there was one baby who had to stand in a basket most of the time. The lady their told me she was a very naughty baby, and so she had to stand in the basket.

Also, they told me they went to the park a couple times a year on special occasions.

In the winter, when it is 75 degrees, they wear winter hats, and warm coats, and are all freezing. And, they don't take the children outside in the winter, because it is too cold.


  1. Congrats!! Your children are beautiful and I am enjoying and learning from your blog. I am also adopting from SOS Delhi and I am hoping you saw my children. Are you on Yahoo IChild Group? I would love to contact you. From April J

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