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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Taxi Cabs....

On my flight into India, I was thinking, I can do this. Maybe I am a world traveler. :) LOL. I had been to two international airports. They are much like really great malls, with top security. LOL.
My taxi ride to the hotel was death defying. There are lines on the roads, but I don't know why. No one really uses them. They drive really fast, and all over.
There are little shanty towns along side the road. That's a group of make shift tents that people live in.
My taxi driver did not know where he was going, and he almost turned down a dirt road, heavily lined with shanty houses. I said, "NOOO, where are you going?" He turned around quickly, and got to my hotel soon after that.
It's very muggy here. We came into India in a lot of fog. They have little tv's in the planes now, and you can watch your travel route. It's interesting. We flew over all the places that have been in the news recently.
Anyway, the air was thick with fog when we landed, and it was dark, so it was really dark. It's like high 70's. The people who live here are wearing winter jackets. :)
More later.

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