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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Odds, and Ends...

Let's see...
S. is completely obsessed with silverware. She had never seen it before. When I was at the orphanage, she ate lunch. They had a yellow pile of mush, a white pile of mush, a grey pile of mush, and a piece of round break to eat it with.

In India they eat lunch around 2, and dinner around 8. Everything is just a little later there.

Madhu told me when I was out to lunch with her that she prefers to write in English. She told me that she knows how to write in Hindi, but it is very difficult. Madhu also told me that her two boys do not write in Hindi at all, they only write in English.

At lunch, Madhu also stated that the taxi drivers in India are very naughty. She said they often misbehave, and they are not good drivers. I asked her if she thought that even about the prepaid taxies, and she said, yes.

When I went out to lunch with V.J. I asked her if they were missing S back at the orphanage. She said yes they were, but they don't have much time to miss her, because they already got more kids. She said that 4 new kids had arrived in the one day since S left.

I carried 10 large bottles of body spray over there, in my suit case, for the Aunties at the orphanage. V.J. looked through the bag. I said they are for the Aunties. V.J., said, this will do. I said there are 10. She said it will do. I thought that was a disappointing reaction. Oh, well.

There are all different colors and sizes of turbans all over India. I wonder what the different colors, and sizes mean. Some of the people in India dress in very traditional dress, and others dress very American, and modern. It's interesting.

There is no heat inside the homes in New Delhi, because it is so hot there. However, in the winter, when it is 75 degrees, they use space heaters.

All the men at the hotel loved me. They were all flirting with me. I know they just wanted a visa, but it was very flattering.

On the airplanes... Airplane bathrooms are so small, and so gross. Come on people, you can do better than that. :)

When they are doing the announcement on the airplane, and they say, "Welcome, and we would especially like to welcome our sky miles customers, and vip members." I think that is so annoying.

The meals and the vocabulary change on airplanes as you travel around the world. When we were closer to India, they served Indian food. When we were closer to Europe, we ate European food. When we were near Europe they came around for rubbage. When we were near America, they came around for garbage. I thought that was sort of interesting.

What's up with the Dutch language anyway? I am sorry but there is not an "sch", or a "u", a "v", or a "z" in every word. When we had Dutch stewardists, I just knew I was going to get spit on, when they were talking to me. :)

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