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Thursday, February 9, 2012

We are home!!! We are safe!!! God bless America!!!

We are home safe, and sound. Thank you God!!! I'm so happy, and so thankful to be here. Sonjena is doing well, and so is Emily. Sonjena and I are exhausted from traveling 24 hours to get home. But we are safe, and I have so much more to blog in a day or so when I feel up to it. Right now I am so thankful for my daughters, my entire family, my friends, my fellow Americans, America the beautiful. I am so thankful, so thankful. I'm surprised I did not kiss and hug everyone in the U.S. immigration office. I love America. It is the home of the free, and the brave. Much love, peace, happiness, and thankfulness to all my facebook friends. ;)
I just reposted what I on my facebook page right now, but I will be posting more soon. Right now I am exhausted. Peace.

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